Respect, honor and love cards made by McCleary students

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

The Bible states that if you teach a child “in the way when they are young” that when they grow older, they will not depart from it.

Kids in Craig County are taught to respect their military elders and service persons at an early age.

McCleary Elementary students were given the option of making handmade cards for the recent Annual Veterans and Active Military HONOR dinner which was held at the local VFW Post #4491.

Teacher Karen Jones noted that she had many students who wanted to get involved.

Over 150 cards were sent to the dinner to be used as name place tags.

All had hand-drawn pictures on the front of each card. They included: flags, hill, people saluting, hearts, service branches and creative conversation bubbles.

The words written were of appreciation, love and honor.

Some were, as they all began their cards with, Dear Veteran;

  • Thank you for giving us all kinds of freedom. We appreciate your service too. We also appreciate how you sacrificed your life for us. We are glad we are standing today because of your wonderful service. Thank you very much. Really, we can’t thank you enough.”
  • “I love all Veterans. They are all so kind and caring. Veterans are the sweetest people in the country.”
  • “Thank you for doing the war. You were very brave. I would not have been that brave as y’all. Did you know my daddy’s dad’s dad died in World War II? I hope you live a great life.”
  • One student drew a picture with red and blue fireworks and under it wrote, My Vietnam wall; Larry G. Darnell, Gary G. Darnell, Larry C. Darnell, Jonathin A. Orillia, Brandon C. Galmole, Hutson G. Corilla, Alfy K. Humbrell and Cory B. Stein.
  • “Thank you for everything you did. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for helping the army men.”
  • “Thank you for fighting for our country. You must’ve been brave to fight for our country. Many people wouldn’t be up to it to be in the military at all. I thank you for being in the service and fighting for our country.”
  • “I really appreciate you. I am happy you do this for our freedom. I hope you get a lot of appreciation. I hope you did not get hurt in any way and anywhere. I also hope you have a great life.”
  • “­Thank you for the sacrifice you made. You helped many people. We appreciate what you did for us. I know how it’s like being scared of what will happen. Thank you for making this whole country still stand.”

At the dinner, military personnel and their families not only read their cards, but many were seen sharing theirs with the others around them. “This is one of the kindest thank you’s I have ever received,” one military man said. Added another, “These kids get to our hearts, don’t they?”

The cards were warmly received and greatly appreciated.


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