McCleary hosts Moo Fest

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Cows have always been a staple in Craig County. McCleary Elementary School recently learned that they could be fun as well.

On November 23, McCleary will host a new activity and they have called it their “McCleary Moo Fest.” Activities will happen from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is going to be a fun time for the entire family,” McCleary staff said.

McCleary is in need of new playground equipment for kids. This is a major fundraiser for them to try to make it happen a little quicker than the school’s budget can afford.

A game called Cow Patty Bingo is also being played. Here, a large grid is designed on paper and you can buy a land parcel of the grid. A small grid around the edges is $15 and a large grid inside is $25.

There are 34 small grid parcels and the rest are large. They must sell at least 250 squares in order for this to happen. Everyone who buys a square will be notified by November 16 if they are unable to sell enough.

On November 23, they will draw the exact grid onto the grounds of McCleary, fence it off and place a cow in it. Whatever grid the cow leaves its patty in, becomes the winner.

The winner will receive a zero-turn mower which is valued at $4,200. It is being displayed at the school.

Also, at the Moo Fest many activities will include: many concessions and vendors, games, music, a silent auction, a fun cake walk and Zumba.

“We truly hope our community will come out and participate and help us to raise these needed funds,” staff members said. Said one McCleary pupil after showing a person the grid, “I hope we get more than we need.”

For more information, call (540) 864-5173.

“Let’s make this cow’s patty county for our kids,” said a longtime local.


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