COVID-19 continues to be monitored closely

Most Americans are anxiously waiting for the normal in life to become real again and the term “COVID-19” to become a distant memory.

Jim Cady reported that on June 30, Virginia Department of Health (VDH) conducted an open testing site with help from CCHCC and Craig Emergency Services, tracking all 74 people tested.

“They would notify Craig County Emergency Services of any positive results within Craig County, however, many of those tested were from outside of Craig County,” he noted. “Since VDH was tracking we have no way of determining residence in the Craig County data. To our knowledge, no one from Craig tested positive.”

During each week, Cady tries to update the website.

On July 7, the website said, “As of this morning, Craig has 100 that have been or are documented ‘persons under investigation’ for the coronavirus since March.” They included:

  • 15 have tested positive, were isolated and treated and have been medically cleared and released
  • 72 were tested, isolated and the results came back negative, then they were released
  • 7 were isolated, monitored for 14 days with no signs or symptoms and then released
  • 6 have been tested and are awaiting results.

“As a Board of Supervisors member, I commend Jim Cady for the upstanding job he has done for our county,” Lindsey Dunne said. “You can follow the current COVID numbers on the county’s website. Jim has done an excellent job keeping everyone informed.”

Cady reminds citizens that there are variances between what the VDH website and the Craig County website. “We cannot comment on nor be responsible for what is included on the VDH website. They have told us that they have a delay in posting a lot of the data. Additionally, some people are being tested by private labs or by their family doctor. Those results may not be reported to VDH or us. One of us may get a report from the patient or their doctor and the other not. The numbers shown on the Craig County website are only representative of confirmed cases from VDH or one that’ Chief Humphreys or I have personally confirmed.”

Reports from the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts on Thursday, July 9, included:

  • Case numbers continue to increase – steep curve
  • 1,383 cases in our district
  • 68 of those are new within the 24-hour period
  • Eight outbreaks – one work site not cooperating with VDH – may have to take action to pull permits, should they continue to disregard assistance
  • 29 hospitalizations – highest since our first case in March
  • Average age has declined – most cases have an age range of 11-19, at this time
  • More help forthcoming for VDH – four new employees to complete contact tracing
  • Volunteers are also assisting VDH, as possible
  • Contracting out on testing – hoping to start that in August
  • Myrtle Beach numbers are going down, but they are still quite high – nearly 200 cases linked to that
  • Community testing at the Salem Civic Center next week
  • Community testing at Green Ridge Recreation Center the following week as well

Cady added, “We are continuing our spray program but lost both girls this week. One went back to work at daycare and the other had a baby. We hired two new ladies and will start again Monday. Right now, our career agency duty crew is spraying and screening for meetings.”

They are tracking exposures, people, and trying to keep current local, state and federal recommendations and regulations on the website as well as spraying all public facilities including, churches, restaurants and county buildings.

Free COVID-19 testing will be at the Craig County Health Center, on Wednesday, July 29, from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. No appointments are necessary. It is free and confidential. Tests are diagnostic and identify current infections. For any questions, contact (540) 864-6390.

Dunne added, “On a personal note, I encourage you all to wear your masks and take proper precautions.”


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