Schools conducting needed Transportation Survey for students

The CCPS is looking forward to the upcoming 2020-2021 academic school year and preparing in advance for transportation. They need each family with students to complete the Transportation Survey as soon as possible, so they can start preparing for what is best for local students.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

The upcoming school year is right around the corner. What that means exactly, no one knows at this moment.

The Craig County Public School System (CCPS) is working diligently in preparing as far ahead as possible for the best options to care for the student’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic, which is still plaguing each hometown.

CCPS has designed a Student Transportation Survey which they are asking each student’s family to complete and return as soon as possible.

Superintendent Jeanette Warwick said, “The transportation survey is now located on the CCPS website.”

The link was also placed on the CCPS, CCHS and McCleary Elementary Facebook page for everyone’s convenience and easy access for each family.

“Transportation to and from school is our top concern as we continue planning for the start of school in the fall. Based on current social distancing guidelines issued by the VDOE and the VDH, we can have 50 percent occupancy in our classrooms and 25 percent occupancy on our school buses,” Warwick explained. “If we can transport half of our student body daily, it would be possible for students to attend school two days per week. If, however, we can only transport 25 percent of our student body daily, students would only be able to attend school one day per week. The survey will help us in our planning efforts.”

Transportation Survey information is short and includes:

  • Parents or guardians’ names
  • Students names
  • Any personal and health information the school needs to know for the student’s safety and health concerns
  • Options to choose from of the capability of each family to transport their children:
    • I can transport my child to and from school daily
    • I can transport my child to school daily
    • I can transport my child home daily
    • My child will need transportation daily

“Each family should complete one survey,” Warwick requested. “Please call the School Board office at 540-864-5191 if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support during this time.”


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