CCPS caring for its students from a distance

Teachers and staff recently shared their love and care via video with students by posting “We Miss You” signs. DeeDee Smith added her red-headed rooster to her picture.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Though school no longer is in session, the Craig County School Board is gearing up for creative ideas of how to continue to teach and care for their students from a distance while keeping living up to their new motto, “Every child a Graduate, Every Child Prepared for Life.”

Last week, a heartfelt video was posted where teachers and staff members held up signs and drew pictures, letting their students know how much they were missed.

Many teachers drew hearts, waved or took pictures with their animals.

  • Mrs. Dee Dee had a picture with her rooster who was sporting a red bandana. Her sign said, “I (she had marked out the I and wrote) WE miss you! Stay Safe!”
  • Missy Frazier wore her t-shirt that said, “We care for our peeps!”
  • Coach E’s sign said, “Miss you – Stay Safe, Stay Active, Stay Happy”
  • Sierra Frazier had drawn the following on her driveway: “Hi, MISS YOU! Stay Positive and Keep Creating”, adding a heart at her name.
  • Ms. Summers wrote, “Be silly, Be honest, Be kind. I miss You!”
  • Another teacher wrote on a poster board, “Goodbyes are not forever. It simply means I’ll Miss YOU until we meet again!”
  • Ms. Carty wrote, “Thinking of you all and miss seeing your smiling faces every day!
  • Mrs. McAllister had her picture with her new baby Micah, “May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make. Miss you all and cannot wait to see you again!”
  • Mrs. Schulke posted, “I miss making music with all of you (with hearts and music notes). Stay safe and healthy! Love you all! Love, Ms. Music.”
Craig County Public Schools wrote “WE MISS YOU” with styrofoam cups in the fence for all to see as they drove by.

Educators also wrote “WE MISS YOU” in Styrofoam cups on the fence to be seen when family members drive by weekly for homework assignments.

When Kelly Kreps Thomas saw it, she said, “I’m going to start a new photo album so my kids can remember what was happening during the quarantine. I saw this yesterday at school and it touched me. It shows the spirit of New Castle and brought me to tears.”

Olivia Slusher added, “This had me in tears. The heart of the school system that I am so blessed to be where I call home. SO blessed! Maeleigh loved it!”

Other parents and citizens have made similar comments, sharing their “Super kudos!” to teachers and staff in Craig County, including the custodians, kitchen crews and everyone who delivers the meals.

It all appears that appreciation is in abundance from Craig County families.

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