Field of Dreams seeking donations at event

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

The pure joy a parent receives when their child enjoys a sport or event is priceless. The local Field of Dreams (FOD) continues to pursue and provide a place where Craig County children can excel in sports and activities.

On March 18, FOD joins the Roanoke Gives program in hopes to receive donations to help them fulfill some of the needs that are still pressing.

They believe that organized recreational activities and a regulation sports complex can enhance the physical, social and mental development of children.

Many studies show that there is a relationship between physical activity and improved mental well-being, as well as, decreased anxiety and depression, improved academic performance, improved self-esteem, decreased anger, stress, mental healing problems and reduced tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Sadly, data from the 2019 Craig Youth Risk Survey reports the percentages of depression and suicidal thoughts are up significantly. But many in the community believe that sports can be an avenue to divert that mindset and maybe even change a child’s life.

J.D. Carlin, a Prevention and Wellness Specialist at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, noted, “We as a community can work to create a culture that allows youth to feel supported and want to contribute to its future health. Clearly, the Field of Dreams sports project is one that helps build community pride and allows youth to feel supported.”

“If children are able to experience a variety of sports at a young age and decide which ones they love and excel in, it will encourage them to continue playing in a more competitive atmosphere. They will then have the fundamentals for mastering a sport and good sportsmanship,” Teresa Oliver, President of CCR&CA, added.

CCRUCA’s advisor Debbie Snead said, “The recreational complex and resulting activities are making a tremendous impact on the Craig’s youth, families and economy of the County. Not only does it provide a basic community service that enriches our rural natural assets, but also serves as a multi-generational, multi-purpose complex for sporting and community events.”

She added, “It’s obvious how important the Craig Field of Dreams is to our youth and community, but it is an expensive project to develop and operate.”

The goal set for this year is to help pay for a huge component of the infrastructure, water into the field for concessions and restrooms. The cost for the project, including labor, equipment and resources is approximately $12,500, but the enhancement for the property is invaluable.

Individuals who would like to be a part of donating during the Roanoke Gives opportunity are encouraged to visit,

People can donate $18 to represent the number of acres in the Craig Field of Dreams, $40 which represents the number of volunteers and coaches for the Craig FOD teams, $250 for the number of children who play sports at FOD or any amount to represent support for the continual building of the FOD.

NO amount is too small.

The mission of the RVGs is to enable people who love their community to give back easily. Their vision is to have significant financial resources to fund the community’s needs forever.

“Your support will ensure that our children have a place to experience the joy of playing a sport and being part of a team,” Snead added.

Be a “Friend of the Field.”

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