Craig residents can now view “311 Traffic” Facebook page

Danny Mayo and Jay Vaden created a Facebook page to help locals be up to date with Craig County traffic.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Traffic today often brings out more tension, stress, concern and even anger and fear in drivers.

Craig County residents know more than most, how treacherous the northern side of the mountains can be, both in Craig and across Catawba Mountain.

Because of the lack of businesses in Craig, most people have to travel elsewhere to find a job.

As a result, every single day, hundreds of vehicles travel the mountains of Sinking Creek, Potts, Johns Creek, Caldwell Mountain and, especially Catawba. Most residents have driven in treacherous weather and know how to avoid accidents, however, sometimes the unavoidable happens.

Danny Mayo and Jay Vaden created a “311 Traffic” page on Facebook on November 24, 2019. They placed an aerial shot on the page and wrote, “Post any traffic information on Route 311. A lot of people travel Route 311 every day to and from work.”

Mayo shared that while at work one day, the subject came up. “We were talking about it one morning at lunch and said we thought it would be a good idea because of all the traffic on 311 every single day. We both work messed up schedules and it is nice to know what’s happening before we leave the house.”

Mayo added that he and Vaden were shocked at how people started hitting the like button immediately and have been using the site almost daily.

The Facebook page currently shows that there are “1.2K members.”

Some ask how the roads are before heading out, while others who go to work between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., choose to post road conditions as soon as they cross the mountain.

Others have already sent their appreciation for the new site. Some have included other road information as well.

“It’s been great so far. Definitely last week with the first snow of the year helped me and others out a lot,” Mayo said.

The recent three-inch snow that fell in Craig County caused extremely icy and slippery roads across Catawba Mountain.

Residents of Craig immediately started posting on the 311 Traffic site, warning people of the slippery conditions. Sadly, minutes later, there was a four-vehicle wreck near the top of Catawba Mountain. Soon thereafter, everyone was warned that the mountain was blocked. Some sat while the emergency services attended the wrecks, while others turned around and took alternate routes or went back home.

There was another accident on the mountain and again immediate messages were posted on the site. Not only did it notify people to be cautious, but to pray for everyone’s safety involved.

“We would like to see it keep growing and hope the hard work Jay and myself put into it, can keep it drama free and clean too,” Mayo added.

This new site is just another ‘hometown’ expression of Craig County residents making it a true “comm-UNITY.”


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