Noah’s Ark a phenomenon: Locals visit the Ark of Noah and Creation Museum

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

When one sees something captivating on the TV or internet and decide to visit, they often imagine what their destination will look like before they arrive.

Those who have ever visited the life-size Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky have often described it as a “jaw-dropping” experience.

On September 12 several members of Cornerstone Church in New Castle loaded up into vans and drove six-and-a-half hours to see what the much talked about Ark that took three years to build was all about.

A large auditorium in the main building seats many where they show a video of its week to week construction before the trek to the Ark itself. What took Noah and his family approximately 75 years to build, could be built today in three, although all of the animal cages and specifics were not put into today’s Ark.

Walking out towards the Ark, many noted, “It is so unbelievably huge.”

The Ark, which is two football fields long, more specifically 510 feet, sits in the middle of a country field.

On one side is a small animal zoo, a camel ride and places to eat.

The trail one takes, walking to the Ark, is lined with creative animal sculptures, designed two by two walking towards the Ark and story monuments to read.

There are 12 stones, called “Twelve Stone Monument,” stacked at the entrance. The Board of Directors of the Ark laid the 12 stones to signify that it was built to “remind coming generations and the whole world of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word.” They took this idea from Joshua Chapter Three, where God told Joshua to have a representation from each of the 12 tribes, by taking a stone and building a memorial.

As one enters the Ark, the immensity of the boards used and the craftsmanship is obvious; the three-foot diameter columns and the curved boards were put together with perfect precision and the large wooden dowels to hold it together.

It is four levels high, approximately 85 feet wide and 51 feet tall, holding 3.3 million board feet of timber. That makes it the largest timber-frame structure in the world.

Oil lanterns and lights above were structured with large oil containers so to last for a long time and ropes attached to lower them to light easily.

The ground level had the gift shop and a pre-show. As people entered to Deck 1, there was a live animal area, the introduction to the different animals which were on the Ark and a model showing the intricate details of the entire Ark.

Genesis Chapter Seven states, “The Lord then said to Noah, ‘Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation. Take with you seven pairs of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and one pair of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate and also seven pairs of every kind of bird, male and female, to keep their various kinds alive throughout the earth. Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for 40 days and 40 night and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.’”

The cages where the animals stayed had water and containers that were designed to be fed from above, or the outside, so no one would have to enter the cage. Of course, water from the flood rains were used as well. The technology was incredible.

Thousands of water, grain and oil pitchers of many sizes along with food storage sacks were built into the walls of the Ark. They were topped with a wax seal to prevent anything from contaminating them.

They even showed the design of how moths were multiplied to provide renewable food sources for the reptiles and amphibians.

Information was given of the animals Noah had to bring at that time, being some dinosaurs, or larger animals that existed during those years. It is thought that up to 85 kinds of dinosaurs were on the Ark. Many were babies as they were easier to care for and took up much less space, although Noah had to plan their cages for a years of growth.

Researchers say that approximately 6,744 animals existed on the Ark. The detailed list was on the wall.

Deck 2 had the story of Noah, his family, information of how they cared for the animals and disposed of animal waste. Information on how they strained their foods was even available.

The engineering technology was beyond phenomenal. Videos were shown of how the Ark was built with such exact precision that light and water were obtained and how waste was easily dispersed of from the different levels using elephants and other animals on treadmills to run the pulleys or high pressure created by the waves in the moon pool to force the liquid waste through a pipe and into the sea.

Deck 3 told the story of Truth and the sin filled world that caused the flood, as one took the stroll down the long corridors, and into the side rooms.

“People despised their own Creator,” it read. “Lust for power and a desire for sensuality in all forms flourished. The world was thoroughly infested with violence, idolatry and every imaginable form of immorality.”

Also available was information about God’s Rainbow covenant, the flood legends of previous years, ancient man, Babel, the ice age and floor geology. It also had the living quarters set up for each of Noah’s family who had to have some comfort for the next year, living on the oceans’ waters.

The Bible states that, “Noah did everything that God had commanded him.” Then Noah and his family paused to thank the Lord for His provision and took in their final glimpse of sunlight, before entering the Ark and closing its door. Everyone died except the eight people in the Ark.

Additional videos were shown where information abounded. Near the end, a sign was posted, with a snake (representing Satan), hung with these words: “If I can convince you that the floor was not real, then I can convince you that heaven and hell are not real.”

Another sign stated, “The fact that God allows us to live at all demonstrates His abundant mercy. And, as if that were not enough, He has provided the way for man to be saved from sin and dwell eternally with Him through the sacrificial death and Resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.”

At the end of the last Deck, there stands a huge set of doors. “Jesus is our one door to salvation,” reads one of them. “The Ark’s door reminds us that we need to go through a door to be saved. Jesus Christ is our one door to salvation, the ‘Ark’ that saves us from God’s judgment for eternity,” reads another.

The Ark Directors placed this prayer in the Ark, “God brought Noah through the catastrophic storm, showing him mercy and grace during the judgement. Noah was faithful in his generation to honor the Creator and do as He commanded. We are all descendants of Noah, and should follow his example. Our storm of judgment is coming, and the Lord has offered mercy and grace through His Son, Jesus Christ. Honor the God of heaven and earth. Follow Him and live forever.”

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