Dickie’s week to wear the big boy pants


Jennings missed one high school game, picking William Byrd over E.C. Glass. His only college loss was picking Syracuse against Wake Forest and he missed two pro games on a very tough week to call ‘em, picking Chicago over Green Bay and the hapless Giants to beat the 49ers. Boy, it seems like it wasn’t that long ago that a Giants-49ers game was a big deal.

A couple others tied Dickie on the high point total, and this week the higher the better as Salem put 70 on the scoreboard against Charlottesville. Dickie had the highest among those tied, so he gets the $50 gift certificate from Mac & Bob’s, a sub from Joe’s Deli, a gift certificate from Awful Arthur’s and a cap from Sportsman’s Warehouse.

For last week’s “One for the Road” I gave you a tough one. I asked you to predict the score of the CIAA championship game in Salem between Virginia State and Fayetteville State, and I doubt if many of our readers knew all that much about those teams. Well, apparently Danny Webb did as he picked Virginia State to win, 43-17, and the actual score was 42-19 in favor of the Trojans. So, Danny gets the atlas.

Hopefully he’ll be by the office soon, as I got the word that Danny is having triple by-pass surgery this week. His good friend Hoot Gibson said they wanted him to go in last week but Danny held off so he could go to the Salem game Friday night. That’s a fan, and our thoughts and prayers are with Danny for a speedy recovery.

For this week’s “One for the Road” we’ll do our annual Thanksgiving deal. Tell me what you have to be thankful for, and if it’s sports related or funny you likely have a better chance to win.   –Brian Hoffman



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