Faithfully serving Christ since 1855

Forks of John’s Creek Christian Church 2017 Homecoming celebration attendees.

The Forks of John’s Creek Christian Church celebrated the 162nd Anniversary of its founding in 1855 with a special Homecoming Service on Sunday, June 4.

On a glorious, sunny day, almost 70 people celebrated the occasion with Hershel Stone returning as guest Minister. Hershel served The Forks from 1989-1998, and now serves as minister at North Danville Christian Church, Danville, VA. The congregation gathered on the steps of the church for a celebratory picture to commemorate the special occasion.

Also, returning for its 25th Homecoming at The Forks Church was the gospel group, The Redeemers. Originally founded in 1980 by the late Milton Perfater, M. L. “Pug” Wells and others, at Lafayette United Methodist Church in Lafayette, Virginia, the group has shared their message in song for 37 years. The group now consists of Elwood Nunley, Paulette Akers Nunley and Lodis Sickey. The group and their supporters were presented with a Proclamation of Christian Service by The Forks Church leadership to honor their commitment in spreading God’s Word through their music.

Front row – Mary Lee Wells, Elwood Nunley, Paulette Akers Nunley, Lodis Stickey.
Back row – Betty Perfater and Cindy Wells Disney.

The Redeemers and their supporters – Betty Perfater, Mary Lee Wells and Cindy Wells Disney – spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by sharing their musical talents and steadfast love of Jesus Christ.

Ribbons were placed on two microphone stands in memory of Milton Perfater and Pug Wells. A fellowship meal followed for the guests and members. A good time was had by all.

-Submitted by Dale King

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