Fourth Annual Prepper Festival will be held on Main Street

Millions of Americans are concerned about the worst economy since the Great Depression and dark future ahead, social unrest in major cities like Chicago and Baltimore, possible terror attacks like the one in San Bernardino, natural disasters, and the unsustainable nature of modern politics, society and economy.

The Prepper Festival is the perfect place to get education, awareness, products, and services needed to prepare for an uncertain future, as well as have a great time as a family with live music, great food, and hundreds of dollars of free prizes given away throughout the day. Thousands come each year to New Castle to experience this unique event.

Organized by the Craig County Business Association, the Prepper Festival is where attendees can attend training workshops, browse and buy essential products and services related to survival and emergency preparedness, and find peace of mind from a host of experts. Vendors will have survival gear, water purifiers, long term food stores, seeds, medical gear, knives and edged tools, tactical gear, books and training media, and other practical preparedness supplies.

Expert speakers will cover topics like first aid, herbal medicine, essential oils, preparedness radio communications, food storage, and more. Historian John Ainsworth will discuss A Call to Thrive, Not Just Survive, and local survivalist author Franklin Horton will discuss how people can build their personal preparedness for the future. Filmmaker and speaker Jason Matyas will discuss how to understand the modern grid system and how people should prioritize their preparations for the future.

As a military officer, innovative entrepreneur, and media producer, Jason Matyas is a sought-after speaker at preparedness and self-reliance events around the country. His Beyond Off Grid project is a documentary film and media project devoted to inspiring and equipping people to Return to the Old Paths of sustainable self-reliant living.

The documentary film released in Dec 2016 informs why people need to reduce their dependence on modern systems. Beyond Off Grid’s online and video training gathers experts to teach the skills needed to survive and thrive with a more self-reliant lifestyle.

  • Submitted by Jason Matyas

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