Snow…the good, the bad and the ugly

Craig County has always been known for its beauty, regardless of the season. Even with just three inches of snow, Sinking Creek Mountains look like softly laid blankets.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

The first snow of 2020 comes, and comments immediately begin to flood Facebook. Some loved the snow. Others wished that it would go away.

As the first snow began to fall early on Tuesday, January 7, most children in Craig were elated because school was closed. Some teachers were quite elated as well.

Parents scurried to get last-minute babysitters or call into work, while others gave a big sigh of relief as they turned the alarm clock off and nestled down in their covers for another snooze. Some parents aren’t given the opportunity for any extra sleep because their kids enthusiastically jump up and down on their beds and often ask when they can build a snowman.

Still, some arise early so they can enjoy their coffee or tea by the window while watching the millions of different snowflakes float to the earth.

Many citizens in Craig shared pictures and voiced their opinions on Facebook.

Some of the pictures were of backyards, trees and mountain scenes that looked like a winter wonderland. Others were stuck in traffic. There was a four-vehicle wreck on Catawba Mountain. Messages of prayers and concern quickly overtook that post.

Danny Mayo created a Facebook site labeled ‘311 Traffic’ so Craig citizens can share road and accident conditions at any time day or night. Many rely on Route 311 to get to and from work, as well as school and appointments. Everyone is encouraged to join and thus far the site has been a tremendous help to many.

The beauty of snow falling is almost like a roaring fire, psychologists often state. It can slowly mesmerize the brain to a place of peace and tranquility.

It has a magical way of bringing a euphoric feeling to one’s whole body. Therefore, science has proven that overall, “snow can bring a totally different feeling of peace and deep joy to an area where it falls, and people sometimes don’t even realize it.”

Though it melts and creates muddy areas (making those kids who make mud pies even happier), the cascading snowflakes on any day, seems to bring the kid out of many.

Adults can often be seen building snowmen, throwing snowballs, sliding a baby snowball down their friends back or leaving a miniature snow sculpture on top of one’s vehicle. The options are endless, just as the counting of the flakes.

One of the greatest benefits is that it “cleans the air of nasty germs.” The cold has a wonderful tendency to kill bacteria that can permeate the atmosphere.

And, as most everyone knows, the snowflakes have their own DNA. Just like humans, God made everyone different. It makes one wonder why the Bible says, “The blood that was shed from the body of Jesus Christ washes every born-again Christian white as snow.”

As kids played, adults watched or did a few wheelies in the snow. The older generation told them several “I remember when” stories, Craig County continued to be there for one another, sharing their love and yes, even their distaste for the white stuff.

Locals continue to do the snow dance on Facebook and in their hearts and wait for more.