Rabies vaccine clinic scheduled for Fairgrounds next week

Both cats and dogs will be treated on January 25 at the Craig County Fairgrounds.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Pets are of such importance to so many people. They provide companionship, laughter and comfort to kids and adults alike. They even display love when life gets difficult.

Taking care of one’s pet is not only important to pet owners, but it’s now a requirement.

Dogs and cats can be vaccinated for rabies after three months of age and are required for a dog license. Proof of vaccines is also required to obtain the license.

On Saturday, January 25, from 10 a.m. to noon, Holistic Veterinary Consultants will be hosting a rabies vaccination clinic at the Craig County Fairgrounds.

The cost is $12.00, and it will benefit the local Craig County Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Owners are asked to have their pets on a leash at all times or in a carrier.

Rabies is the only required vaccination by law in the United States because “they are considered a fatal disease, as well as a ‘zoonotic’ disease, which means that it can be transmitted from an animal to a person.”

The vaccination is supposed to help stimulate a dog or cat’s immune system to guard against the dreadful rabies disease. There are one and three-year vaccines.

Dogs and cats are usually first vaccinated for rabies within their first six months. They are then to get a booster vaccine one-year from that date. Afterward, they usually receive vaccines every three years. However, some states require annual vaccinations.

Dr. Marjorie Lewter is happy to help provide the service for the pet owners of Craig. For more information, he can be contacted at 540-616-9247.