McCleary asking the community to save Box Tops for cash

This year, Sierra Frazier, the new Box Top organizer for McCleary Elementary School, is challenging the students, teachers and citizens of Craig to clip and download enough Box Tops for the school to raise $1,000. Frazier’s hope is that, with the new app, they will surpass this goal with ease.

Pam Dudding
Contributing writer

Seldom does an opportunity to get free cash present itself. There is, however, such a thing called ‘Box Tops’ that are printed on many products which can be cut out and saved to be turned in to schools for free cash.

Yes, free cash! And, the community of Craig County can help McCleary Elementary to earn it.

In fact, McCleary has participated in this opportunity for the past few years and have earned approximately $22,550 so far.

Sierra Frazier, the McCleary Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher at Craig County Schools, is the new volunteer organizer for the Box Tops collections for the school.

“You can look for the Box Top labels on many products that you know and love, including Ziploc and Hefty bags,” she said.

Many companies are participating in this program. They include: Nestle Pure Life Water, Lysol, Annie’s products, Hamburger Helper, Ole El Paso, Cascadian Farm, Fiber One, Fruit Roll-ups, General Mills, Mott’s, Nature Valley, Pillsbury products, Yoplait, Boise paper products, Paper Mate, and many cereals – Cheerios, Chex, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Dippin’ Dots, Frosted cereals, Golden Grahams, Mermaid, Raisin nut, Trix and Wheaties, just to name a few.

The newest option is the Box Tops App, which anyone can download on their phone. Explained Frazier, “After you download the App, add McCleary Elementary as your school and then all you have to do is to scan your receipt from the store (rules are you have to scan your receipt within 14 days of purchase). The app will find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to McCleary’s school’s earnings online.”

“So, no clipping is required with most products now,” Frazier added.

However, there are still a few companies that do not participate, so you can continue to clip, save and send the Box Tops to the school with a student or drop them off at Market Street Pharmacy where a big Box Top box is available, or clip them all if you choose not to use the app.

Frazier continued, “The neat thing about the app is that you can see the earnings for our school as they come in. We are already up to almost $10 for this school year online and that does not include the bags of clipped box tops that I have received.”

Some products have opted to not participate in the digital program yet, but everyone can still clip the Box Top and turn them in: Finish, Hefty, Kleenex, Reynolds, Scott and Ziploc products.

Always remember that Box Tops have an expiration date, so don’t hold onto them very long.

Frazier encourages the students to bring their Box Tops in. She will be collecting year-round, yet Box Tops only has two submission dates for the schools. This next school year will be on November 1 and March 1. “I give prizes to students who turn in Box Tops,” Frazier said.

She is also encouraging students’ parents and friends to save Box Tops and sent a flyer home with each student which has spaces for Box Tops to be attached, which is a great reminder.

Currently, Market Street Pharmacy is the drop-off spot, besides the school. “You can send them to school with any kid at CCPS and a teacher will make sure they make their way to me,” Frazier added.

In addition, “Our school gets 10 cents per Box Top they receive! We have a goal of $1,000 for this school year but I think with the app we will definitely exceed our goal!”

Therefore, everyone in Craig is encouraged to grab a baggie or flyer and start clipping the Box Tops or download the new app and scan every receipt.

“BE” a part of bringing in free cash to McCleary Elementary this school year.